Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ballet Pink and Galactic Silver

Note for the future: I have no "good camera" here in France so bear with my mac cam and its awesome photobooth effects. 
These are two of my current favorite polishes and I wanted to incorporate them both.

 Resulting in a messy reverse French manicure...but the messy rawness made me think of crystal geodes with their rough rock edges and bright colors.
While I had the polish out I also decided to paint some cheap "diamond" earrings with the mat glittery silver.  Then I went crazy on most my oversized/ cheap / generic earrings.

Nails: Chanel Ballerina Pink 
Sephora (number rubbed off)
Bandana: Vintage Banana Reublic from Mom's closet
Earrings: diy'ed H&M
Watch: non working D&G

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hello hello

I'm a fibers art student just finishing up a year in France; addicted to tea, textiles, pretty pictures, and Europe.
I'm not quite sure of the direction I'll take with this blog, but there are a million DIYs I am dying to try out and maybe, when I'm feeling pretty and well dressed, some vanity posts:)
Here's hoping I can change my slacker ways!